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Custom Clothing Order Request Form

Please fill out the form below with a detailed description of what you would like on your shirt/denim. If you are unsure of a detailed concept, start with a base subject and we can work together from there. Upon receiving your form submission, I will respond with any follow up questions, an estimated time frame to complete, and a price quote. If you choose to continue with the order after hearing from me, we will discuss next steps! 

Example Concept: 

"A dark blue jacket with a portrait of Taylor Swift in her Midnights era, with the lyrics "You're on your own kid, you always have been" on the sleeves. I have a few reference photos to choose from!"  

*This form is only a request, not a completed order.

I will respond as soon as possible; thank you for your patience!


Customize your product:

Thank you for your interest!

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