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Behind the Curtain

A series based on mental health, mental illness, and the hidden battles people face day-to-day. Each piece represents one battle. Concepts are inspired by battles found in my own life and the lives of my friends and family. All pieces were drawn using colored pencils. This series was created from 2017-2018.


"Stuffed" 18x24in

Based on the feelings associated with depression, this piece highlights the feeling of being disposable to those around you, such as a stuffed animal or toy. 


"The Voices" 12x12in

This piece is based on schizophrenia. Specifically, the 'voices' and intrusive thoughts that constantly fight to make themselves heard.


"Don't Forget to Take Your Pills" 18x14in

Are you depressed? Have anxiety? ADHD? Don't worry! Everything can be fixed with medication! ...or can it?

This piece tackles the subject of prescription medication and the reliance many have on it in order to function.


"Don't Beat Yourself Up About It" 14x17in

Those with mental illnesses often experience a desire to harm themselves through a variety of toxic coping mechanisms - which inspired this piece.


"Drowning in My Thoughts" 16x24in

Suicide or suicidal thoughts plague millions of people on a daily basis. 


"Double Sided" 11x8in

Inspired by the traditional imagery associated with the word 'psychopath'.


"Don't Panic" 18x12in

This piece is intended to elicit a feeling of chaos and fear - the same feeling that those with panic disorder experience during panic attacks.


"What's Behind the Mask?" 17x14in

We live in a world where it is considered more beneficial to blend in than to be different. Every day, we put on a mask to blend in with society. 


"Who Are You" 24x12in

As a representation of bipolar disorder, this piece displays the manic highs and depressive lows one may experience with this diagnosis.


"Haunted" 17x14in

This piece is based on dissociative identity disorder, better known as multiple personality disorder. Trauma peeks through the cracks.


"Numbers" 18x12in

Eating disorders look different from person to person, but all hold the same effect on the brain.


"Lost in Translation" 17x14in

Dissociation involves a person disconnecting with their reality or sense of identity, inspiring this concept.

"Lost in Translation"
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